"Modal delivers more transparency and convenience to our customers. It’s driving increased sales and greater profitability, and our customers really like it."
Bobby Maynard
General Manager @ Honda of Burlington
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"Modal stands out because it’s intuitive. Their platform is easy for customers to use, and easy for dealers to implement."
Bob Niven
Operations Manager
@ Sunnyside Acura
"Yes, Modal shines because of its software, but it also shines because of its team. Despite operational setbacks in the store, Modal’s coaching helped us 3X our performance."
Tony Rhoades
VP of Digital Strategy
@ Gunn Auto Group
"Modal is great to work with, and is a valuable partner. The effort on their part has been exemplary."
Kim Martin
Digital Retailing Manager
@ Carter Myers Automotive
"We delivered 16 Modal orders this first month already and growing, plus our back-end gross and quality of leads is definitely better with Modal!"
@ Kingdom Kia
"This is, by far, our top-performing channel in terms of volume and units sold. We’re incredibly happy with the performance and look forward to continued success."
Don Perry
General Manager @ Faulkner Honda
"Customers want answers before they come into the dealership. They want to get approved, get their APR, choose their add-ons, and know the bottom line. Modal helps us do that."
Brittnee Goertzen
BDC Sales Manager
@ Stokes Honda North
"Customers who have ordered online have really liked the experience. Modal makes it nice, easy, and simple."
Jason Decker
General Sales Manager
@ Right Toyota
"Modal is simple to use and interfaces well with our CRM. It saves us time and speeds up the process immensely. We consistently get a ton of orders online."
Chris Lavelle
Director of Digital Marketing and Sales
@ Kia of Bedford
"Just think about going to bed and waking up with sold orders in your inbox, from the happiest customers you will have! Modal gives us a unique edge."
Steven Grindstaff
General Manager
@ Grindstaff Kia
"It’s all about being as transparent as possible with our customers. We want to enable them to really understand and own the entire process, and Modal helps us deliver on that promise - while giving us the insight and precision control we need as the dealership."
Taylor Gradowski
Media & Marketing Director @ Labadie Toyota
"Modal is a breath of fresh air. It works perfectly for us and really helps us stand out. Our customers say it’s amazing."
Seneca Giese
@ Current Automotive
"Modal delivers the best consumer experience. That’s what sets it apart. We're selling an average of 30-40 cars per month with Modal. At one point, we were even earning 25% more back-end profit on Modal orders."
Luke Moore
Director of Ecommerce & Digital Experience
@ Bob Moore Automotive Group
"What sets Modal apart is its ease of use. For us, Modal is by far the top converting and easiest to use. Compared to any other tool we use, it is the easiest."
Tyler Dahl
VP of Strategic Initiatives
@ Dahl Automotive
"The traditional car buying process takes far too long. Modal accelerates the sale and alleviates friction and pain points by enabling customers to conduct much of their discovery, learning, and transaction online. It is a game-changer in driving revenue and close rates."
Chris Reggie
@ Digital 1 Group

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Modal turns the complex car sale into an easy digital transaction that buyers love.
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Modal turns the complex car sale into an easy digital transaction that buyers love.
Modal is SOC 2® certified.
© 2021 Modal
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